Saturday, February 21, 2015


Oh so pretty...  so very pretty!!
In the market, we are finding amazing ranunculus this winter from Japan  and I am in love with them.

What's so amazing is the scale and the quality!
I giggle every time I think about how small Japan is and how big some flowers grown there are.

For someone who came such a long way, they look so beautiful  it's amazing.
I wish I can travel that well!

Keep yourself warm...  spring will come... soon I hope!!


Friday, September 12, 2014


Just to be on the record...  I LOVE dahlia!!!

We are such happy campers when dahlia season arrives in the market.

Hope you all had a lovely summer!!


Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Ranunculus, but rather unusual one here today.
I've posted quite few ranuculus since we made this blog, probably because I like them a lot.  Their colors are so luminous and beautiful, shaped so charmingly with fluffy multi petals, and best of all, I find ranunculus to be generally well behaving flower.
All flowers are beautiful, but not all flowers are user friendly.(as cut flowers)  So, we try to get to know the personality of flowers bit better by various methods. One of which (and I feel most effective) is to simply spend time with them. So this was a test to get to know this lovely new ranunculus from Japan!

What's so unusual with this ranunculus was the looks. It almost looks like poppies!
If you ask me, it has the elements of ranunculus, poppies, and anemones all together in one.
Very unusual and attractive.

Would it make IBG debut?

We shall see!!


Friday, January 24, 2014


Flowers make me happy any season, but there is something especially heartwarming about having flowers in the winter time.
Hyacinth has been one of my favorite flower around this time of the year.  They are highly fragrant, so perhaps not suited for some people, but definitely a lovely flower for those who enjoys all aspects of flowers.

Here they are, beautiful in white. ( I much prefer this white to white of snow!!)

 For us florists, winter in NY creates a lot of extra concerns at times.  Shipments can  be affected by the weather, the freezing temperature would require extra caution for delivery, etc. etc.
So the flowers are indeed precious and treated especially as such!  Ahh the winter challenge...

Stay warm everyone!


Friday, May 17, 2013


There were so many lovely flowers which was in season since our last post, but time just flew away somewhere and it's May now!!

Well, can't do anything about the time that past...  so I picked "peony" as today's post, because it's currently in full season!

And, it's simply gorgeous.

This particular beauty is called the Coral charm. Though we have used this variety as a cut flower for a while,  I was just thinking that I haven't seen this variety in anyone's garden. But I recently saw it sold (as a potted plant) in the botanical garden shop.  How delightful.

I love the color, shape, and how they change with time.
In fact, seeing the bud which are so small and tight bloom into this big and beautiful thing is wonderfully  magical.

We have a lot of  "favorites" in May,  but  coral peony is one of the top on my list for sure.

Here it was in one of the centerpiece we designed for a wedding.

Congratulations to the happy couple and the charming family!!


Sunday, February 10, 2013


I thought this post would be appropriate for Valentine's day month.
One "giant" red  rose!!
Well, I don't think any of the rose growers have discovered a way to grow such a large rose yet.  So until they do, it requires a bit of creativity to achieve this look. This style of bouquet is known as "glamelia" or "composite bouquet".

Whole heaps of roses are taken apart petal by petal, wired, and then reassembled to form the large single flower look.  Relatively simple process, but putting back many many many and many rose petals (you don't even see some of  them!) is almost an endless process...  almost!

But well worth the effort when it was for someone who really loved it.

We were additionally delighted when a link to beautiful photography arrived for us to see. 
What a lovely way to record their happy day!

Click here for more event photos by wonderful Jessica Shmitt Photography

A Happy Valentine's day to the lovely couple, and  to all of you romantics out there!


Sunday, January 27, 2013


Hello everyone!
A bit of color to warm up your soul!  Oh my it's been so cold  in NY!
Hopefully it will ease up a little this week.

Ranunculus, I actually have not met a single being who doesn't like this flower.
The round cute shape, feather weight delicate multi petals, and beautiful luminous colors...
it's full of attractive features.  Just lovely.

I am so happy when they are in season.  They certainly warm up my soul.