Sunday, February 10, 2013


I thought this post would be appropriate for Valentine's day month.
One "giant" red  rose!!
Well, I don't think any of the rose growers have discovered a way to grow such a large rose yet.  So until they do, it requires a bit of creativity to achieve this look. This style of bouquet is known as "glamelia" or "composite bouquet".

Whole heaps of roses are taken apart petal by petal, wired, and then reassembled to form the large single flower look.  Relatively simple process, but putting back many many many and many rose petals (you don't even see some of  them!) is almost an endless process...  almost!

But well worth the effort when it was for someone who really loved it.

We were additionally delighted when a link to beautiful photography arrived for us to see. 
What a lovely way to record their happy day!

Click here for more event photos by wonderful Jessica Shmitt Photography

A Happy Valentine's day to the lovely couple, and  to all of you romantics out there!