Thursday, April 29, 2010


The beautiful lilac season is here!
I think it arrived little bit earlier this year in comparison to previous years, sign of warmer spring weather.
I wish there was a way to "attach" the scent to the image and send it along to you. The scent of lilac is just as beautiful as the flower and they should be enjoyed together!

Lilacs are available during the year, but only in small quantities off-season. The main season of lilacs are not long, and a lot depends on the weather. So if you have a deep desire to have lilacs for your event, I would think(on average), end of April and during May will be the time frame around our area.

So very elegant too in white aren't they?

The combination between the beauty and scent is divine!
If you haven't already, try some at home. You'll love it!


Sunday, April 25, 2010

forget me not

If I had to choose my absolute favorite blue flower in the whole wide world, this is it. " forget me not "!
The blue of the forget me not is magical. It is so delicate and luminous I can't really capture how special it is in photographs! (and I do try.)

I confess that I am positively spoiled when it comes to forget me not. I love them so much , I started to plant as many as I can in my own garden. So I can have a lot of them around this time of the year.
I do see them in the market occasionally, however, not really in the quality that I would accept. (yes, I have extremely high standard for the quality of this particular flower! )

If the "perfect floral destiny" brings a bride and us together (during the blooming season) someday, I will be happy to share some of my very own forget me not with a bride. It will be a special "Something blue" from inbetween greens!


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

grape hyacinth

Here at inbetween greens, we are a fan of little flowers that makes us happy!
" muscari " also known as " grape hyacinth " would definitely be one of those. They are rarely the main focal point because they are so small, but they can definitely be! Isn't this pot of muscari here lovely?
Sarah pointed out to me recently that they smell like grapes, and indeed they do! Like a sweet grape candy scent and I never knew that! Another charming point for this heavenly blue little friend.


Saturday, April 17, 2010

ranunculus 3

This lovely hot pink ranunculus was a part of a wedding few weeks ago!
We've used few ranunculus with our spring events, and enjoyed all of those opportunities.
I've posted them in 3 different colors, but they do come in quite few more ranges of colors.
White, cream, lemon yellow, yellow, oranges, corals, pale pinks, hot pinks, red, plums, and even in greens!

Wouldn't you be tempted to befriend them?
They are all so wonderful!


Saturday, April 10, 2010

ranunculus 2

Here they are! More fabulous colors of ranunculus.
This particular group of colors has always been my favorite. (though all of them become my new favorite when I see them! They are just so beautiful in all available colors!! )

I keep seeing these coral groupings with delicate fringed edges this year. New discovery always excites me at the flower market!

I hope everyone has been enjoying the wonderful spring weather!


Sunday, April 4, 2010


Made of multiple layers of beautiful light weight petals, colorful, and playful, " ranunculus " possesses so many qualities that I love in flowers. It is definitely on top of my favorite flower list!

Ranunculus is beautiful in a bouquet and in compact or loose arrangements. They are quite versatile and that's why I love them as well.

My very favorite way of arranging ranunculus is showing the playful side of them. I feel the movement of the stems are what makes them especially charming!
Don't they look like they are dancing?

Next time, I will introduce you to more colors as they do come in beautiful range of them!