Sunday, May 16, 2010


There are certain flowers that I don't ever solidly "plan" ahead in my arrangement recipe for an event, and spirea would be one of those flowers.
Not because I don't love them, because I do!
The reason is the very short available time frame !!

As far as my experience goes, the spirea season is about 2 weeks pocket of time in May. (in our area ) Sometimes early, sometimes not. Totally dependent upon the surrounding temperature of the season. So while I wish to use them, I can't really plan them so far ahead of time.

The elegant cascading shape of this flowering branch is simply beautiful.

See here below? Lovely isn't it?

We were very lucky to have the most beautiful spirea for a wedding a week ago. What a perfect timing!

I do consider it "serendipity" !


Sunday, May 9, 2010

lily of the valley

I think the scent of the " lily of the valley" is magical.
Whenever I see them, I can't resist to pick them up and smell them. What a lovely flower it really is.

If you tried to have a big event with a lot of lily of the valley, it will be rather difficult and very costly, as they are highly seasonal type of flower and also pricey. No doubt such event will be lovely, but often times more isn't more.
I love arranging few sprigs of lily of the valley in bottles, or have few of them in a bouquet as an accent . The reason why I enjoy lily of the valley isn't in the quantity but in the very presence of them!