Sunday, May 22, 2011

garden rose

How did I continue this blog for this long without mentioning the Garden roses!

I love flowers. All types, any kinds. No discrimination. However, I do have an absolute favorite flower as a gardener, and that is garden roses. In my June garden, the garden roses that I grow are in full bloom. ( Which makes June my very favorite month.)

They are are incredibly elegant, yet so friendly. The quality that I most love about garden roses.
I've been a fan of them for ages, so I am very happy when I discover new varieties of of them in the market. As a florist, I am always curious how they do, ( if they open, how they open, how long they will last etc.) so I often purchase them and test them !

This bright pink ones were irresistible!

The price of garden roses are easily 3 to 4 times the price of the conventional rose. So, a full on event with garden roses may be bit extravagant usually, but they can be used as a wonderful highlight in an arrangement or a bouquet. They will certainly create a very special feel which can't be produced by other roses.

What can I say, I simply am a fan of garden roses !
I highly recommend you to try them at least once.