Saturday, March 27, 2010


I love flowering branches in general, but this year the plum became my personal favorite!
The small clusters of pink blossoms are just so delicate and lovely.
We've had few cases in the past where a bride wished for flowering branches for her wedding, but they were completely out of season for her event date. Flowering branches are definitely "highly seasonal" material. So if you know you can't do without flowering branches for your event, March and April are good choices as more varieties of flowering branches are available during those months! (in NY area)


Friday, March 26, 2010

scented geranium

"What am I looking at today? "
So you might say. This is a scented geranium. As the name indicates, it is a very fragrant type of green and Oh how I wish I could "attach" the scent for you here! The scent is so fresh and soothing, it reminds me of a garden in the summer time. It certainly adds the surprise element when the bouquet smells just so good in your hand and it's not coming from a flower!
Here at inbetween greens, we really love using greens in our works. ( no surprise!)
I feel it brings all the flower colors together harmoniously.

Though the main feature is the leaf, scented geranium does flower.
Here it is in a pretty hot pink!


Saturday, March 20, 2010

spring bride

This collection of luminous spring flowers were for a wedding yesterday.
Sarah made this bridal bouquet with lots of beautiful spring signature flowers.
Isn't it simply charming? I feel like it says " happy! "

Congratulations to the wonderful couple!


Saturday, March 13, 2010

"fringed" tulip

There are several different shapes of tulips available in the flower market, but recently I've been fascinated with these "fringed" ones!
Fringed? Yes, the edges of petals are irregular, like this below.

One may think that such small details would not make any difference in an arrangement, but very often, small details will become the key element in making an arrangement with extra charm and personality.

In season, beautiful colors, and unique details... that's already a winning combination we would all enjoy I think!


Friday, March 5, 2010


What a wonderful thing to be able to feel a definite sense of "spring" in the air these past few days! I even found tiny tiny heads of tulip greens showing in my garden today and I can't stop smiling!

Tulips are available almost all year around with exception of summer perhaps, but spring undeniably is their time to shine. Many different types, length, and in colors, they cheerfully awaits us at the market.
On a personal note, flowers have always been my very favorite gifts to give(even before I became a florist!) and for spring, I especially like choosing flowers that will show a progression. It's like giving a cocoon of future joy and I really enjoy that notion.
I also think tulips at this young stage are just as beautiful as when they are in full bloom. They are bursting with such wonderful spring energy!