Wednesday, September 28, 2011

September is one of my favorite month for flowers!
We recently worked on a wedding that was full of beautiful seasonal flowers.

I always enjoy having a long table set up.
Opportunity for so much variety!

Votive detailing was pretty for this wedding.
I think it added to the romantic feel.
Subtle accent is always nice.

And the bridal bouquet was my favorite.
The bride gave us a lot of freedom which always helps to make it nicer.
We were able to make it uniquely seasonal which was lovely.

What a beautiful couple they were.



Monday, August 1, 2011

a summer wedding story

One beautiful July weekend at the location called Locustus on Hudson, there was a wedding...

And it began like this.

Theme: bright colors and fun

Motif: polka dots

Colors: turquoise and corals

There were pinwheels!
All of them color coordinated and handmade.

Not just a few... a lot :)
(We lost a count after making 200 of them. We were enthusiastic!)

Watching them spin in a summer breeze were simply joyful.
I realized how much I enjoy "motion" in a space!

Lots of custom made cushions with coordinated patterns...

And now to the tent...

We decorated the field with big polka dots.
This was my personal favorite part.

And they were illuminated at night too.

Escort cards...

Summer flowers...

Fabulous orange chairs!

Candy bar...

Their wish was to have a lot of color presence in the space.
We indeed planned it so...

With additional colors above!

Congratulations to the happy couple!!!!!

I enjoy being a part of an event with personality, and this had a lot of it. :)

Big or small, a wedding decor takes a lot of energy and care to plan, make, and then to deliver. It is a collection of hard work for often many weeks. But in the end, I always feel that it is such a privilege to be a part of someone's special day. There is nothing quite like feeling their joy and happiness in the air. And that leaves me with a huge smile at the end of the day.

Many thanks to our wonderful crew for working so very hard to accomplish this event.

It's going to be a while before we can update our web page, so I wanted to share some of it here.
You can call this our special summer edition!

I hope you are all enjoying the summer!!


Sunday, May 22, 2011

garden rose

How did I continue this blog for this long without mentioning the Garden roses!

I love flowers. All types, any kinds. No discrimination. However, I do have an absolute favorite flower as a gardener, and that is garden roses. In my June garden, the garden roses that I grow are in full bloom. ( Which makes June my very favorite month.)

They are are incredibly elegant, yet so friendly. The quality that I most love about garden roses.
I've been a fan of them for ages, so I am very happy when I discover new varieties of of them in the market. As a florist, I am always curious how they do, ( if they open, how they open, how long they will last etc.) so I often purchase them and test them !

This bright pink ones were irresistible!

The price of garden roses are easily 3 to 4 times the price of the conventional rose. So, a full on event with garden roses may be bit extravagant usually, but they can be used as a wonderful highlight in an arrangement or a bouquet. They will certainly create a very special feel which can't be produced by other roses.

What can I say, I simply am a fan of garden roses !
I highly recommend you to try them at least once.


Sunday, April 10, 2011


I love the color of this flower viburnum. ( In fact, my favorite color is the cast of apple greens and some of my rooms are this color!)
Young hydrangea is in this coloration and they can be found more easily in the market, but my personal pick would be to use viburnum if they are available.
Viburnum has more movement due to the long, narrow and slender stems and I just love the relaxed feeling of it.
So, naturally, I like arranging just as themselves. However, this is a color that can work harmoniously with many other colors, so viburnum can often be the supporting character in the play of arrangements.

As such!

Often available throughout the year (coming from all over the world), but the local season will be around May. Ooo it's coming before we know it!


Thursday, March 3, 2011


Almost looks like a poppy, but Ranunculus!
I've featured this flower many times last year, and this won't be the last.
Just love this flower!

As if dancing... so cute and joyful!

Enjoy the weekend everyone.


Sunday, February 20, 2011


Poppies oh poppies how pretty they are...!
And how challenging they are!
I love this flower... poppy. Beautiful, cheerful and luminous.
The range of happy colors are simply irresistible.
I would think this flower would make anyone smile. It's like having a beautifully free spirited friend around. Just lovely.
However, beauty doesn't come so easily!
I find this flower bit challenging to manage. We keep trying different and new ways to treat poppies so they hydrate correctly and well all the times. Easier said than done.
On top of that, available season for poppy is not long. We recently had to change a concept for an event because the event date is just a little bit late for poppies. Alas...

Not easy flower to use for events, so why feature it here in this blog?

Because it's so very beautiful !!

It may not be possible sometimes (as nature dictates) to use/plan poppies for an event, but sure is lovely to hope for and worth challenging for...

That's poppies!!

I am feeling a glimpse of spring in the air despite the additional 6" of snow this morning...
It's coming! It's coming! Spring will come. Hopefully soon enough!


Thursday, January 20, 2011


Hello everyone!
Here at inbetween greens, the new year began with this beautiful blue purple anemone.
The winter weather in NY has been bit unstable, so it's been a challenge knowing how, when and if certain flowers can get to us in time. It would have been easier to plan using other flowers, but we always want to try our very best to use flowers that speaks to us in special ways, so we went ahead and planned this. (of course with backup plans in place!)
Winter weather produces the need for extra effort in so many ways, but it's well worth the investment when we are able to deliver what we promised and something special. Many thanks to people who makes it possible for us.

Being that this is our first post this year, I wish you all a happy healthy and beautiful new year!
We are excited and looking forward to working with all of our clients this year!

Super cold weather coming up to NYC, bundle up and stay warm!!