Sunday, October 31, 2010


Hard to imagine that this is the last day of October already. Where did the time go?
The air has cooled down significantly in the past few days. This means that dahlia season is almost over. With one frosty night, the dahlia fields will finish it's season. The way it is getting colder and colder, it will be soon.
What a lovely dahlias we had this year! I will miss the cheerful, colorful wonderful dahlias for sure.
We made few bouquets with dahlias this season. I really liked the bright pink ones and the delicate pale ones so I will leave them here as my memento.


Sunday, October 3, 2010


It's the season of fall hydrangea!
When the cooler weather of autumn starts to arrive little by little, the fall hydrangea begins to show up in the flower market.
Aren't they beautiful?
I can't decide if I like the blue hydrangea or these dusty aqua green hydrangea better.
If you leave them in a shallow water to slow down the hydration, they often dry really nicely and you can enjoy them a bit longer!