Sunday, June 20, 2010


I planned to talk about a totally different flower today, but decided it should be the hydrangea day ! It's a hot day here in NY, so the beautiful cool blue as such seem very soothing to the eyes and mind !
Hydrangeas are actually available all season as cut flowers. In gardens, you'll probably find them in summer, and in different coloration as Ph of the soil affects the color of the hydrangea when growing.
In the flower market, they are available in white, apple green, pinks, purples and in ranges of blues. In the fall, they will become available in gradations of aqua blue with hint of lavender purples, which I will post it here in the fall for sure !

Right now, this locally grown kind is my very favorite. Flowers that are " in season" contains special energy that is hard to explain and it's always wonderful to be around them!


Sunday, June 13, 2010


Wow, it's been a long while since our last post ! Busy few weeks at inbetween greens and time just went ! Hello everyone, we hope you've been well !

Let's talk about "peony" today, as it was one of the main flower which we have been using for our latest events.
I am always fascinated with the transformation which peony goes through from being about 2" (sometimes even smaller!) bud to something like 6" width blossom! It's amazing how large it opens in such short while. Although we are at the mercy of nature and can't control everything , but we do try to carefully observe and judge the timing of the opening as much as we can, so we can have them ready in the way that's most beautiful for what we designed.
Caring for hundreds of them all at once can be little intimidating but definitely fascinating and joyful sight when they do successfully open!

Peonies are available during the year but it's natural peak season is late spring to early summer. Right now it's coming to be the end of it's peak I would say. Colors that are available are ranges of pinks in dark to light, deep red, white, and even lemon yellow (although not in large quantity.). They are all very romantic, beautiful and I love using them. Peony certainly is a flower with huge presence!