Friday, February 26, 2010


"Daffodil" (which is the common name for Narcissus) to me is one of the symbol of spring.
They are one of the first flower to greet me in my garden when the spring finally arrives.
So, I feel simply joyous when I see this flower in the market!
There are many different shapes of Narcissus, (which we hope to post on this blog gradually ) and they are all very cute!
To start the Daffodil posts, I chose this very classic shape in happy yellow. There is always something very special about being the "classic" !

Accumulated another 12"+ of snow today!!
Image of happy spring daffodil definitely was necessity for me on a day like this.


Monday, February 15, 2010


What to put on our first blog page... this is not an easy task since I have a lot of "favorites"!
Spring flowers are some of our very favorites at Inbetween Greens. They remind us of the beautiful season approaching. (even though we are currently under the snow and it's bit hard to imagine spring will come to us!) Hyacinth for one, they are wonderfully fragrant and very charming flower that are available as potted plants and as cut flowers. An interesting arrangements can be made showing the bulbs and even roots! Some of the available colors are: gorgeous purply blue, purples, white or creamy white, and pinks. My current favorite is this pink one. Aren't they simply charming?
I hope you'll have a chance to get to know them at home or enjoy them at one of your events!