Tuesday, September 25, 2012


I don't know what people would consider the most memorable floral element is in a wedding. It probably differs by each individual. (as in anything.) For me, the bridal bouquet holds a special place on the list. It usually is the first floral thing the bride sees on her special day, and it stays with her for longer than any of the elements we make. (and it's photographed many times!) So we listen very carefully to the bride's wishes and try to figure out what would make her happy and most importantly what would be the best botanical solution to create that bouquet. Often times it ends up being a bit of challenge,(due to seasonality and availability of desired materials) but we try our best to accomplish this part of the project!

Request for this bouquet was to use "dusty muted tones". Also to be natural but not overly natural. I thought the sophisticated coloration suited the bride very well.

Congratulations to the lovely couple!


Wednesday, September 5, 2012


It probably isn't uncommon that one has an experience or two ruining houseplants. Even if you carefully tend to it, sometimes it just doesn't work. It happens. That's nature. (so I think) What I am trying to say is that it's not always easy to grow things. So no wonder things such as topiary cost so much in the market. It takes time to make it grow, and shape it! Well, knowing that it may require mighty patience, we decided to make topiaries ourselves so a bride can have them for her wedding table and still fit in her budget. Actually, not us, but Hana did. It was her dedication to go the extra miles.

So for two months, they were pampered at "Spa Hana", going through daily treatments and many hair cuts so they would grow into this shape. It was more haircuts than any of us (Hana Sarah and I) for sure! On the wedding day, they were absolutely the most charming thing. I hope they are all now living happily at some guest's house!