Sunday, February 20, 2011


Poppies oh poppies how pretty they are...!
And how challenging they are!
I love this flower... poppy. Beautiful, cheerful and luminous.
The range of happy colors are simply irresistible.
I would think this flower would make anyone smile. It's like having a beautifully free spirited friend around. Just lovely.
However, beauty doesn't come so easily!
I find this flower bit challenging to manage. We keep trying different and new ways to treat poppies so they hydrate correctly and well all the times. Easier said than done.
On top of that, available season for poppy is not long. We recently had to change a concept for an event because the event date is just a little bit late for poppies. Alas...

Not easy flower to use for events, so why feature it here in this blog?

Because it's so very beautiful !!

It may not be possible sometimes (as nature dictates) to use/plan poppies for an event, but sure is lovely to hope for and worth challenging for...

That's poppies!!

I am feeling a glimpse of spring in the air despite the additional 6" of snow this morning...
It's coming! It's coming! Spring will come. Hopefully soon enough!